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“Zynx is the leading provider of order sets and clinical decision support among US hospitals who have purchased order sets, according to a recent report,”1 said Scott Weingarten, MD, MPH, president and chief executive officer of Zynx. “Our hospital clients have told us that they need a cost-effective, high-quality, and comprehensive source of medical reference content for their physicians and other clinicians to use not only while in the hospital but while they are working remotely in their offices and from home. We believe that the integration of Zynx clinical decision support with Elsevier medical reference content represents a significant advance in comprehensive clinical decision support and will enable healthcare providers to deliver the best possible care to their patients.”

The leader in evidence-based healthcare, and Elsevier, a world leader in medical information products and services, today announced a strategic relationship whereby Elsevier will become Zynx’s preferred source of evidence-based medical reference and point-of-care content, and Zynx will serve as the preferred order set partner for Elsevier.

Elsevier’s First Consult – an evidence-based, peer-reviewed clinical information resource that provides brief, actionable answers to physicians’ queries at the point of care and decision making – will be integrated with and available as an upgrade to Zynx evidence-based order sets. Zynx hospital clients customize and maintain evidence-based order sets using ZynxOrder™, a solution that brings evidence-based knowledge to clinical teams at the point of decision making. For joint First Consult and Zynx customers, First Consult content will be available as a critical reference to support the creation, customization, and updating of order sets, as well as a point-of-care clinical decision support tool for decision making within physician workflow.

“Quality patient care will be realized through cognitive tools that help clinicians solve problems and make decisions at the critical moment,” said Jonathan Teich, MD, PhD, Elsevier’s chief medical informatics officer. “The partnership between Elsevier’s clinical decision support content and tools with ZynxOrder works toward the vision of integrating evidence-based guidelines, research, and patient data into the clinical workflow and daily practice of physicians.”

The integration of premier First Consult content, which brings hundreds of evidence-based medical topics and recommendations to the ZynxOrder offering, deepens the well of trusted knowledge available to physicians when and where they need it most, bridging the divide between research and practice. Current First Consult customers interested in implementing order sets can seamlessly integrate the First Consult information they trust into the Zynx solution.

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