Fundraising program

In addition to its position as an industry leader in business-to-business communications needs, ShareComm is also the largest privately held e-mail marketing company in the Southeast United States, providing the most feature-rich e-mail marketing platform in the industry. As a result, the company is able to provide highly useful, low-priced services to help any charity or non-profit not only better manage .Brian Horton was recently nominated for Atlanta Business Executive of the year by the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce for ShareComm's efforts with charities and the community.

Brian Horton and his brother Dan started ShareComm as a tribute to their father Willam Horton, who passed away after a year-long fight with cancer. Successful business owners, Brian and Dan wanted to create an organization that would help fight diseases like cancer. They created ShareComm and used their own products to create the company's fundraising program, which is being used by charitable organizations throughout the United States.
n industry leader in business-to-business communication needs and services, announces its success in raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities and nonprofits through its unique fundraising program. A technology-based company, ShareComm is using the products that made it an industry leader to help charitable organizations raise money in this difficult economy.

"ShareComm is dedicated to making a difference one cause at a time!" says ShareComm president and co-founder Brian Horton. "Businesses have to realize that in this difficult economy, our companies are only as strong as our communities. We have to find time to give back to our communities and keep them strong. Our five-year goal is to raise more than $30 million dollars for the charities that participate in ShareComm's fundraising program."

ShareComm's fundraising program works by offering charity constituents a discounted package of business products for the home or virtual office and returning a portion of gross sales of those products to charity as a donation. When a constituent signs up for the products, ShareComm donates more than 30 percent of the gross sale to the charity of choice.

Products offered as part of the fundraising program include: LocFax™ paperless fax-to-email, ReadyCall™ corporate grade conference calling, MeetingNow™ Web conferencing and Econnect™ e-mail marketing. These same products are used by ShareComm's Fortune 100 customers. If these products were priced out separately, buyers would pay in excess of $150 per month; however, they are available to charitable organizations at a discounted rate of only $15.95 per month.

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